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A deckbuilding roguelike where Chess meets Magic: The Gathering.
The Song of the Fae
The Song of the Fae
The Song of the Fae
The Song of the Fae
The Song of the Fae
The Song of the Fae

Early Access

The game is now available on itch.io and Steam in Early Access. We'd love to hear what you think but if you'd prefer to wait until the full release you might enjoy following the devlog.

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Welcome to the Songlands

The Fae have watched over this world since time eternal, gently steering destiny along its tracks. To be honest though, there's not that much to do. Nothing of any Fae-level importance has happened in hundreds of years... Until now.

Introducing "The Bard", an egomaniacal adventurer determined to leave their mark on history. Somehow The Bard has been invited to the annual WizardChess tournament, a contrived magical battle hosted by the Fae, for the Fae.

The game? A deckbuilding chess-like that's simple to pick up but near impossible to master.

And the prize? A boon from the FaeQueen herself.

Step into the shoes of The Bard, master WizardChess and scribble your name all over history. The Song of The Fae is yet to be written.

Key Features

  • Deeply Strategic: it's chess meets turn-based tactics, one move can (and will) change the entire game.
  • Build your Army: recruit, sacrifice, trade and gamble your units away to create the ultimate build.
  • Battle the Fae: use the power of board games to defeat the Fae in unique boss battles.
  • Massively Replayable: every run in SoTF is procedurally generated, down to the encounters, enemies, units, statistics and even the AI.

The game is still in active development and will change substantially before full release. Regardless, we've got plenty to show you.

The Team

TwoPM consists of Ben Follington (@vivavolt) and Ricky James (@iammonshushu), both based in Queensland, Australia. We've been best friends for about 15 years and have been making games for almost as long. We both have jobs and can only work on games during nights and weekends so we like to build projects both patiently and strategically.

Financial support of SoTF or any of our other work will allow us to dedicate more time to game development and deliver content faster.

Like What You See?

You can follow along with development and share your thoughts, comments and feedback: