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Two PM is a game design collective who have been making games together for _ years and for some reason haven't given up.

It's about making things we love but not taking everything too seriously. We've always had a lot of other stuff to worry about other than making games, so we're usually making them in our free time.

Making games for us is like the feeling of kicking back with an afternoon tea, coffee, beer (or other). We love it.

Ben Follington
Technical "Director"

Ben is the guy who does a lot of the programming and art for projects.

He made this website.

Favourite Snack
"Anything I can take a BYTE out of HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
But Really Though...?
Ricky James
Creative "Director"

Ricky is the guy who does a lot of the writing and the design for projects.

He did not make this website, but he approved of it.

Star Sign
Libra, with the eyebrows of a Leo
Catch Phrase
"Make the game"